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Nola ~ pt2

And now for some more pics from New Orleans!  Most people who know me realize how much I love COLOR.  My walls in my bedroom are a bright periwinkle and my office has a purple wall and a red couch…so, yeah, I like color.  Being in New Orleans there is definitely no shortage of color or buildings (and people) with lots of character. A lime green door?  Yes, please! I loved this little dog…it sat in that window for over 5 minutes straight just people watching. There are a lot of musicians and artists throughout New Orleans.  This group was a talented bunch…the dog didn’t look too happy though!  But, he’s still adorable! On our last full day here the concierge at the hotel arranged for us to have a private driver to take us around and show us the sites.  Our driver “Big Easy” was one of the sweetest people ever.  He was born and raised in NOLA so he knew some fun spots to take us.  Apparently, Hubig’s is the place to go for pies.  This is where the actually make them.  Unfortunately, I never actually got to try one, but I’ll take everyone’s word for it! A spot where the locals go for their Po-Boys Some more color… This motorcycle was completely underwater after the floods from Hurricane Katrina.  They still leave it parked out front, rust and all. This is a shot showing the levy in the middle and the Lower Ninth Ward on the right.  It’s so sad to see the devastation this is still there years after Hurricane Katrina.   While some have rebuilt there is a still A LOT that has to be done. Here you can see sidewalks and pieces of what is left from foundations of homes…Rebuilds continue…these are some of the “Brad Pitt homes” which are funded through the Make it Right foundation.
A lot of people abandoned their homes and haven’t returned… This is Big Easy.  The lot behind him is where his family home once stood.  His daughter was living in this home during the time that Hurricane Katrina left.  Thankfully, after his constant pleas, she left the home the day before it was destroyed. This fella on the left actually played with Fat’s Domino.  His home was destroyed, but he rebuilt.  That is Fat’s Domino office on the right. Some beautifully reconstructed homes. And some of that New Orleans character!For anyone who hasn’t visited New Orleans, I would suggest going once in your life.  It was definitely a place I’ll never forget!

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