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Kate and Andy ~ Old Saybrook Engagement Session pt 1

Rewind a few years back to Julie and Sean’s wedding and we met a sweetheart of a girl named Kate. (it’s all in the name, right?) 🙂  Kate was Julie’s wedding planner sidekick and our “assistant” for the day.  You could just tell that she was a beautiful person both inside and out.  We told her she better call us when she was getting married and sure enough she did!!  Kate and Andy recently bought this uber adorable house in West Hartford (jealous) so Brian popped over to grab some shots of them out on the porch! Fast forward a little bit, and we headed out to Old Saybrook where Kate’s family has a summer home. The two of them have so much personality that we could’ve shot for hours! Funny story…these guys were venturing out for an afternoon on their boat.  They tossed Andy a beer as they went through and then got their boat stuck…oops! Couldn’t have asked for bluer skies! Baywatch!

Part 2…coming up!

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