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Hurricane Irene

I hope everyone got through this weekend without any sever hurricane damage!!  Just wanted to put a quick note up here!  We have two fabulous weddings this past weekend (one on Sunday!) and we have some of the best brides and grooms that were optimistic and happy despite the crazy weather!

Much of the state is still having some problems due to the hurricane…us included!  We have been without power or phone lines since early Sunday morning so we have not been able to access any voicemails/emails/etc.  If you have tried to contact us we apologize.  I’m currently posting from a Barnes and Noble with wi-fi!

If you do need to get ahold of us right away you can try to reach Brian on his cell.  His number is 860.250.4125.

Thank you again for understanding and we’ll be (hopefully) updating soon with some photos!!

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