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April Fools Day

For as long as I can remember, April Fool’s Day has been a big day in my household.  Not because we all prank each other, but more because my older brother tries to get all of us.  Let’s see…from the plastic spiders and lizards hiding in drawers and under cups, to putting flour or salt in the bottoms of coffee cups and vaseline on door knobs…the list could go on.  However, the best one that he gets us with every year is the rubber band on the sprayer at the kitchen sink.  He literally gets my mother every year!

So, anyone who lives in New England knows how crazy the weather has been this winter.  We had one really warm day about two weeks ago and everyone was thinking it was finally spring.  Needless to say, on the eve of April 1st they are calling for a Nor’Easter…really?!?  It didn’t pan out to be as dramatic as expected, but we did get a couple of inches of snow overnight and a 90 minute delay for the schools.  My brother, the prankster, was very happy because he lives for the snow, but I think the happiest in the household was our lovely snow dog, Izzi.  I have never in my life had a dog that loved the snow as much as she does.  I looked outside this morning and there she was, all four legs in the air doing her version of a doggy snow angel.

She would play out there all day if someone would stay out there with her.  I didn’t take any pictures of her this morning, but here is one of her from a month ago when no one wanted to play anymore.  I know…just look at those eyes…

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