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a cutiepie and cookies

There’s nothing better than when you get an unexpected delivery towards the end of your day.  We were so excited when the doorbell rang and we saw one of the studio’s favorite neighbors, Madison, standing outside with her hands wrapped around the handle of a big brown box with the words “GIRL SCOUTS” in bright yellow letters.  She was promptly invited inside out of the cold and she was just so adorable we had to take some photos! 


Yes, the three of us did buy all those cookies.  However, we will be sharing with our families or we will need to build in some extra time on the Wii to burn off all those calories.  After some pics inside, we had to get some with the end of the snow (hopefully!)  The following shows how Madison feels about the snow and cold.




And if anyone is looking for me tonight, I’ll be curled up on my couch watching American Idol with Izzi curled up in my lap and my box of samoas in hand!  YUM!

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